BALTIMORE AND WASHINGTON’S LEADER IN METAL PANELS, STOREFRONTS AND WINDOWS. As DC's leader in aluminum composite panels and windows systems, Metro Panels and Glass (MP&G) is a commercial  sub-contracting company which brings over 19 years’ experience and over 150 projects to the region. A dynamic  innovator with a fully automated assembly line, MP&G will meet your panel and glass design needs with unmatched  precision and service. Whether it be with the use of our state-of-the-art Auto-CAD software or attentive customer-based  approach, let us make your design dreams a reality. Our services include:   Custom Made Panel Fabrication: Need marvel worthy panels for your project? We've logged over 50,000 individual and  custom built aluminum panels for some of the Baltimore and DC's most breathtaking commercial structures. Pre-Manufactured Panel Installation: Our experts will install your panels to your building's specifications.   Glass Fabrication and Installment: Whether it be a storefront, curtainwall, or window system, MP&G's will work with your  general contractor to install our high quality, performance tested systems.   Additional Glass Customization: Automatic Doors. Custom Colored Glass. Bullet Resistant Glazing, and many more  custom options. Whether it be for a high-rise luxury apartment or small retail space, let us take care of all your installation  needs. 9515 Gerwig Lane, Suite 107 - Columbia, Maryland 21046 - Phone: 410-489-2753 - Fax: 410-741-3013    9515 Gerwig Lane, Suite 107  Columbia, Maryland 21046   Phone: 410-489-2753 Fax: 410-741-3013     fFEATURED PROJECTS ALUMINUM PERGOLA ALUMINUM PERGOLAS CONTACT US 410-489-2753 FEATURING NEW PRODUCT * Awarded “Best In Quality” by The Bozzuto Group * National Glass Association Member * U.S Green Building Council Certified